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It is a known fact that cars lose value over time – and for some that doesn’t really matter because they plan to keep their cars forever, lol.  But for others, our cars are like investments, more than just instruments of transportation. To this point we take pride and maintain our vehicles and even add value.  One way to do so is with an aftermarket sunroof, not many know that you can.
Aftermarket sunroof installations should not be taken lightly – the technicians are literally cutting a hole in the roof of your vehicle. So many things can go wrong, so it is imperative that the installer pays close attention to detail and have a sense of pride and integrity in their work. With over 40 years of aftermarket accessory installation experience, our quality control systems that we have in place ensure consistent quality from start to finish. Your sunroof is guaranteed to fit properly and more importantly not LEAK. If by chance a problem should arise, you are covered by a warranty for parts and labor. Below you will find a a few benefits of having an aftermarket sunroof professionally installed.
  • The added light that comes through the roof adds a sense of the openness in the interior of the vehicle.
  • It improves ventilation and provides the sense of open air driving, even when the windows are closed.
  • The sunroof also adds a sense of style to your vehicle.
  • If and when you decide to sell your vehicle – having the sunroof can be viewed as a psychological perk. The sunroof exists not as a necessity, but as a convenience. We live in a world that thrives on convenience. So in that regard, people need a car to get from point a to point b – when you can make something a person needs seem convenient you in turn add value.
  • Solar tinted glass for comfort and style
  • Stamped steel trim ring promotes consistent glass panel seal and durability
  • Built-in water management system protects against the elements
  • If installed by Auto Action Group, your professionally installed sunroof comes with a limited lifetime warranty to cover parts and 3 Warranty to cover installation.
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