Serving New Jersey & New York

Auto Action Group, professionally installs Bullet Spray-In Bedliners and many other aftermarket products. Please request a quote if you live within our service area: New Jersey &  New York

Why Bullet Liners are better….

  1. Protects truck bed against the elements and corrosion such as acid rain, and harmful UV rays.
  2. Creates a non-slip surface that safeguards your cargo during transport
  3. Requires very little maintenance and is repairable.
  4. Maintains vehicle value
  5. Bullet Spray-In Bedliners installed by Auto Action Group comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

For many, a pickup truck is more than just your vehicle – it’s your livelihood and likely works just as hard as you do. Though without even realizing, the cargo you haul day in and day out may be doing some serious damage. Over time, minor dents and scratches give way to major problems leading to peeling, cracking, and rust. Then one day you find yourself looking right through a rusted hole straight down to the pavement.  A professionally installed Spray-In Bedliner may be the solution for you.

To get the most out of your vehicle, it is important to protect the integrity of your truck bed. Truck bed liners are a very popular method for truck owners to protect and prolong the life of their vehicles. There are many different truck bed liners out there to choose from including drop-in polyethylene plastic liners and roll-out bed rugs & mats. However, for those seeking a more durable and permanent solution, there is no better option than the spray-on bed liner for maximum protection and preservation.

Spray-on liners preserve the contours and design features of your truck bed while preventing damage caused by cargo and the elements.