Paint Protection Film Demonstration

Watch a short video below to see a 5 series BMW front bumper. See how the PPF saved the paint! The car was side-swiped by another car and instead of a costly body shop repair, the film was removed and new film was later installed after the video. This saved the customer an expensive trip to the body shop.


PPF In Action!

This is just a sample of how PPF can save you money vs. expensive body shop repairs. This vehicle scraped a cement column in a parking lot. Without the protection film, this would have resulted in an expensive body shop repair. Instead, the PPF saved and protected the bumper only causing the paint from the cement column to get on the film itself. The end result was the vehicle not having to go to a body shop and have the bumper cover replaced and painted. Also there is no down time with your vehicle being tied up in a body shop for days on end and you paying for a loaner car on top of it all. A small investment in PPF resulted in saving an expensive trip to the body shop.

 Download Paint Protection Film Facts

  1. How likely will you get a rock chip on the bumper or hood?
  2. How long will you own/lease your vehicle?
  3. If you lease, will the dealer charge you to repair your vehicle due to rock chips or small dents and dings on your front bumper?
  4. How likely will the vehicle’s paint be exposed to the outside elements?
  5. How likely will the vehicle be driven under direct sunlight?
  6. How likely will you park in a lot at a mall or shopping center?

PPF Packages


  • Lay-flat, bubble free installation
  • Can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched
  • Stretchable with heat
  • Conform to contours and bends easily
  • High temperature & water resistant
  • Car wash safe
  • Stands up against water, dirt
  • Long life with excellent UV durability
  • Available In Matte or Gloss Finish
window tinting privacy glass.jpg


  • Privacy in your vehicle
  • Available from 5% to 50%