Bundle Service Agreements - Best Seller!

This is the perfect choice for lease vehicles.  Wide variety of different coverage’s bundled together to give the customer FULL coverage beyond the factory warranty.  Great profit potential for your dealership



Coverage for up to 5 years! $6,000 total benefit! Pays up to $5,000 CASH to customer if their vehicle is stolen and not recovered for 32 days.  If it is recovered, customer is reimbursed up to $1,000 to help cover their insurance deductible.  

Large Penetration Potential!!! NO Investment…HUGE Profit!!!!!

Replace-A-Car – GREAT upgrade to the Etch product

 How it works:

Customer’s new or used vehicle is declared a total loss due to THEFT.  We will pay the difference between what the insurance company settles for, and the replacement cost of the vehicle (up to $25,000)!  Great product for any deal, 3 & 5 year options available.  This product works well with leases to cover the difference between what the customer has already paid in and the cost to lease or finance a new vehicle.  Bonus….If the theft occurs 200+ miles from home; a $2,600 trip interruption allowance  is also included.  


Lease Wear & Tear 

Coverage for the customer at time of trade in. No more awkward conversations on how much they owe for tires, dents, scratches etc. at end of their lease term.  3 & 5 year coverage available, up to $2,500 and $5,000 options available. 


Tire & Wheel Coverage 

Repairs and / or replaces tires and wheels on your vehicle that are damaged due to road hazards.  No deductible, NO CAP and emergency roadside assistance included.  


Cosmetic Wheel Repair

Standalone alloy wheel repair.  Protects against curb damage, scrapes, scratches & nicks.  Wheel is restored to like new appearance by state of the art wheel repair specialists.  

Great Product to couple with tire &wheel contracts that do NOT cover cosmetic!!!!

Key Replacement 

The cost of keys today keep rising with all the new technology. Up to 5 years of “honey have you seen my keys?” coverage!  Lost, stolen or destroyed keys are replaced with no cost to the customer.  Unlimited occurrences during  term of contract.  Up to $100 additional dollars for any other keys lost on the ring. 


GAP Coverage

Eliminate your debt if your vehicle is stolen or totaled.  Covers up to 150% of MSRP / NADA value and we can offer up to an 84 month term. Option available for another $1,000 towards your next vehicle purchase at the dealership!  

Total Loss Protection

Provide up to $5,000 benefit at your dealership for up to 60 month term.  New & Used Vehicles eligible.  If vehicle is declared a total loss, the customer can recuperate their down payment & buy another vehicle from you. 

*Great for NY dealers in place of GAP Coverage!!!

Dent & Ding Protection.jpg

Paintless Dent Repair

1-5 year terms available for UNLIMITED dent repair.  Skip the “shopping cart ding” blues!! 

Windshield Repair

1-5 year terms available for UNLIMITED windshield repair.  Covered repairs include stars, chips & small cracks. 


Windshield Protection.jpg
Exterior Protection.jpg

Ultimate Interior & Exterior Protection

Every vehicle on your lot is eligible for this plan…. Paint protection against chalking, loss of gloss, acid rain, bird droppings, sap, hard water, road salt, ocean spray, paint overspray.  Interior protection against food stains, bleach, dyes, fading, cracking of the dash, UV rays, mold & mildew, ink, gum, crayons, lipstick, blood, urine, vomit AND Rips, Tears up to 6” and Burns as well as Punctures up to 1” in diameter.